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You Can't Hide (feat. TY Avery)

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You can’t run, you can’t hide

You can't run or hide
From what's inside
The reality
Is not seen with eyes
I see you
I feel you
I'm the real you
I'll build you up
Or i'll kill you
It's your choice
To choose

Lost in the belly of the bottle
Attaining a skill
That’s taking me further
And further
Im lost in a space
Nobody gets found
Down here
I'm seeing the light
With my ears
Overtaken by the fear
Soon as my lighter click
I'm getting higher
It's over my head
Til' I return to the dead

Who are you
Who am I
Am I alive
Did I die

You can’t run
You can’t hide
From what’s inside

Why it ain't lit know mo
Why I don't feel like I'm it no mo'
Did I hit the floor
Even if my bank account low
Man you know
I gotta get one mo
Then one turns two
Two turns three
Being like this
The only way that I breathe
Only way I believe
There's a place for me
It's the place to be
See the mirror
But it isn't
A face I see

You can't run
You can't hide
From what's inside