producer / artist/ SONGWRITER 

"Christina makes highly evocative and atmospheric music that functions as both creative backing for lyrics and as innovative instrumentals that havea multitude of high end uses!" -Paul Statham (Dido, Kylie Minogue, Peter Murphy)

"I love listening to Christina's music that's always outside of the box (in a good way). ...Very inspired production to say the least!  The performances are filled with energy and you can’t help but feel good when you hear it. I had the instrumental cranked up super high!  My walls were shaking!!! -Rob Wells (ArianaGrande, Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys)

"If you are looking for something unique and unusual for your project then check out Christina Taylor. Great production, songs, harmonies and rhythms with vibes of Clannad and echoes of Enya blended with a touch of medieval and a hint of Celtic. Perfect for a show like 'The White Lotus." -Andy Ross (Music Supervisor for Whiplash)

Christina Thomas Taylor is a creative producer, artist, composer and songwriter. Under the name Octoberture she creates a unique sound that incorporates layers of vocals, ambient and immersive sounds and beats as well as fun and unexpected elements. She creates most of her work from her home studio outside of Boston, Ma.

She is a member of North Woods, an indie acoustic duo with her collaborator, singer-songwriter Sherry Aviles and a member and producer of La La Tulip.

Christina is a "one stop shop" providing easily cleared music for film and television sync placements.